Alex Smith Not the Problem, Not Lately

Chief Concerns: Stephen Brown

You can’t point the finger at Alex Smith… not lately.

In Smith’s last 5 games he’s 116-190 (61 comp. %), 1,166 yards, 9 TDs, 2 INTs and a QB rating of 89.

According to Pro Football Focus (PFF) Smith is finally out of the red in the white and creeping closer to the green. The green is where all the good quarterbacks live. Smith is ranked 18th overall on PFF, 16th ESPN and 16th on

Against the Broncos Part II PFF graded Smith as the Chiefs best offensive player with a +3.3.

PFF Week 13 Grade O

Since the bye week Smith has come out with three of his strongest games of the season, his best three games since Week 1 against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

What’s hurt Smith is the many drops. Receiver Donnie Avery had his worst game against the Denver Broncos  at Arrowhead Stadium.

Only once this season has Avery been graded in the green by PFF, he’s had eight games with negative performances.

Donnie Avery Scorecard

Chiefs’ Donnie Avery’s Pro Football Focus scorecard up to Week 13.

Alex Smith has had his pass catchers drop the ball 33 times, fifth most in the NFL.

Still, Peyton Manning has had his guys drop the ball 34 times and Tom Brady’s Patriots have 39 drops.

The difference between Smith and Manning and Brady is that Kansas City can’t afford mistakes. The Broncos can overcome those. The Broncos also lead the league in fumbles lost, but find ways to keep moving the chains.

Kansas City needs every catch they can get; Smith has been doing his part.

In the Chiefs last three games they’ve averaged 27.7 points; nearly four points more than they did during their first nine games. pointed this out.

“More points than the Patriots this season (26., the Bengals (24.3), Colts (23., or the Ravens (20. — all four in position to join Kansas City in the playoffs,” said

Smith is showing he can handle himself, he’s been hot after the bye, but his receivers need to come to life. The Reason it was 21-7 in the first half against the Broncos was because Smith’s guys caught the ball, made great catches. When the pressure was on in the second half the Chiefs catchers faded dropping crucial balls.

Smith had his interception, which he should have chose an open TE Anthony Fasano for the score, but overall Smith came to play in the Chiefs last game against the Broncos.

“It’s important that when you’re given the opportunity to catch it, you have to catch it,” said Andy Reid this week.

Receiver Junior Hemingway had a great game against Denver, who knows, maybe it’s time for Hemingway to stand up. Reid will make the right moves; you have to catch the ball. Period!

Smith… keep doing what you’re doing!

-Chief Concerns

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