Chiefs: Defense go get some

One thought, just one slapped me on my face watching the playoffs… DEFENSE!

I’ve seen… defense work in the playoffs, do their job and protect the lead, get nasty and obnoxious, talk the talk (i.e. Seattle Seahawks) and walk the walk.

Hey, it’s the best of the best in the playoffs not “pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, baker’s man”. Chiefs, you listening?

It’s irritating. Offensively Kansas City did their j-o-b, could have slammed the Indianapolis Colts just like the New England Patriots.

But as Chiefs fans weve heard that a thousand times before, the Chiefs’ defense didn’t come to play. Took a vacation after the first two quarters.

No guts no glory, Chiefs defense left their warrior spirit back in Week 9. Finishers, Chiefs got to have it, especially defense.

Despite Andrew Luck passing for 331 yards against the Pats Luck did no real damage. Colts’ T.Y. Hilton was held to 4 catches, 103 yards and no TD’s against New England.

The Pats hit Luck 10 times and sacked him three. Patriots CB Alfonzo Dennard was Pro Football Focus Secret Superstar as a rookie. Dennard was tested but held his own against Luck. The cool part, Dennard was picked in the 7th round. He showed up when it mattered, the postseason.

Who cares where you were drafted, it’s how you play the game.

Chiefs’ Eric Berry was picked 5th overall, is collecting $8,340,717 in 2014, but went invisible against the Colts. So did Derrick Johnson and Dontari Poe.

The Chiefs hit Luck 4 times and sacked him once, can’t triumph like that. Bob Sutton shouldn’t have had Tamba Hali resting on the sidelines in the second half playing Frank Zombo instead. Keep Hali in every series in the playoffs.

Put the foot on the throat and don’t let up, isn’t that playoff defense?

Without the Washington game (6 sacks), Kansas City had just 5 sacks in 7 games after their bye.

It’s not all on the coverage, got to thinking on that as well watching the playoffs. Sure, too many big plays given up during the season by the secondary (third most 20-plus plays given up in the NFL with 63), but pressure man. How about bringing the heat? That’s been a problem since before Andy Reid.

Cover guys can be world beaters, but give a QB lots of time? Bad things happen. Both the players and Bob Sutton kept leaving the kitchen sink.

Just one biggie that struck me viewing the playoffs. As always (with me) it comes back to how it relates to the Chiefs.

Offense did the least talking, but had the best improvement in the end.

Sure, add pieces, but Reid directly had his hands on the offense and it showed. I was happy with what the offense gave, especially with losing playmaker Jamaal Charles in the first offensive series of the first quarter against the Colts.

If the Chiefs had beaten the Colts it would have been all about Alex Smith and how he put Kansas City on his back without Charles to win.

But until the defense learns to play with that playoff-caliber attitude every game? Hey, it won’t matter how pretty Reid gets the offense. Remember Dick Vermeil?

Bob Sutton! Get to work man!