Chiefs need to become somebody in 2014

The 2013 season was enjoyable, thrilling and unforeseen. A few fans expected 11-5 and the playoffs, but most didn’t. Improvements happened in Andy Reid’s first year.

BUT… next season? Well, Chiefs will be facing several somebody’s.

Kansas City’s 2014 schedule includes all four AFC and NFC Championship teams. The Denver Broncos, New England Patriots, Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers.

Is it hot in here or is it just the Chiefs 2014 schedule?

Got to thinking, Chiefs fans love their team, that’s our team. The Chiefs are more than superstar’s to Chiefs Kingdom. OK, but in the grand scheme of playoff things Kansas City’s nobody special. The Chiefs haven’t been playoff conquerors since Joe Montana and 1993.

A little harsh, but that’s NFL reality. The Chiefs have dabbled, have played great in the regular season multiple times in the past 21 seasons. But with three 13-3 regular season finishes to exit the playoff with their first game?

Somebody’s don’t do that, big shots win.

The 49er’s defense had 35 scoreless quarters this season, the highest in NFL. The Seahawks were second with 30. In the Chiefs first nine games the defense allowed 13 points a game, second half Kansas City permitted nearly 30 per.

Somebody’s don’t do that, playoff elite’s stop the other team.

“I think we gave up too many big plays. That’s what it came down to,” said Reid when asked in his final press conference what happened to the defense in the Chiefs final games. “That’s what you saw if you look at the different stats, that’s really where it points to. You can’t do that. You have an aggressive style defense; you have to have an aggressive attitude with it. You can’t afford to give up big plays and we’re all a part of it.”

A knock on Bob Sutton was his defensive mentality in the 3-4 quarters. It was strange to see the defense play so in Indianapolis Colts Andrew Luck’s face the entire first half just to go super soft in the end.

Maddening to Chiefs fans, but it was a problem for Sutton and his squad since Week 9.

Did Justin Houston being gone have something to do with it or Tamba Hali getting nicked up too? Yeah, it didn’t help, but when it counted both were in the playoffs. A nobody fighting to become somebody and not just anybody in the playoffs has to bring it all.

The Chiefs didn’t give everything against the Colts, the secondary laid an egg.

That’s what Reid and staff need to drill deeper to get, more heart.

“I’m never satisfied, number one, until you get that trophy and then you’re not satisfied and you’re going to go try and get another one,” said Reid. “I’m proud of the guys that hung together. Every season presents you highs and lows and I’m proud of the guys that hung together and worked hard to go from 2-14 to our record this year. I’m proud of that. I’m proud of John Dorsey and his crew. I’m not overlooking that. I’m not satisfied to be standing here telling you he season is over. I’m not cool with that. I don’t like that feeling. Neither do the guys.”

Patriots’ Tom Brady has 18 playoff wins, was a sixth-round pick, he’s that upstart that became somebody. Love him or hate him Brady is a multiple Super Bowl champ.

Brady along with others in the NFL’s final two games before the Super Bowl found “it”. That something which transforms teams into playoff winners, into Super Bowl material.

The Chiefs are still looking. To be an NFL somebody with something to brag about besides its great fans.

Next season will be tough, but hard is good. I think it will help further polish Kansas City. Iron sharpens iron, a good Bible quote. I’m hoping KC is more like iron than the clay.

Great competition can only make the Chiefs better, which every Chiefs fan wants.