Eric Berry: “We’re Very Excited and Very Hungry.”

Alex Smith

Smith’s 94.7 QB rating is 11th in the NFL. Besides Smith only Denver’s Peyton Manning and Eagles Michael Vick have zero INT’s with above a 90 QB rating.

Chief Concerns: Stephen Brown

Another word for awesome? Remarkable… breathtaking… tremendous, those mean the same.

There’s parts to the Kansas City Chiefs so far into the regular season that have been amazing, like the defense. Currently ranked 26th overall the offense is a work in progress, but Alex Smith compared to Matt Cassel has been fantastic.

No comparison to what Kansas City had at quarterback before.

Alex Smith scooting around on the field against the Dallas Cowboys making first downs and creating yardage reminded me of Rich Gannon and how he used to play the game. November 1997 against the Denver Broncos was the last time Arrowhead Stadium housed a crowd that large.

This Chiefs’ team is reminiscent of past ones.

“Guys are motivated, confident, just ready to play football,” said Dwayne Bowe. “The game is more fun now, we’re excited, guys have bought into the system and we’re just trying to keep this thing going.”

While certain phases are ahead of others, like the defense over the offense, as a whole the Chiefs first two games have been awesome.

The defense has given up 57 less points in contrast to their first two games of last season, Kansas City surrendered 75 points to the Atlanta Falcons and Buffalo Bills to start 2012.

The offense has seen no turnovers; last season after two games Brian Daboll’s offense had turned the ball over 6 times, three fumbles and three interceptions.

Kansas City’s 18 points allowed after two games is second in the NFL, the Seattle Seahawks have allowed 10.

Kansas City’s point differential of +27 is third best in the NFL behind the Broncos +40 and the Seahawks +31. Compared to last season’s franchise worst -214 point differential the balance the Chiefs have shown is beyond grand.

Is there a word that means more than awesome? Epic?

Yeah, I know, it’s just two games into the season. Calling the Chiefs epic this soon will land me in “homer” jail.

But it’s getting easier to pick the Chiefs to win… to feel good about it. I have confidence that they “can”, that they will play hard for all four quarters like I’ve seen in these first two games.

While the offense may not be as pretty as it can be… right now, Smith is leading his men to success with what they know and what they have. The defense has taken care of the rest.

Like a Rocky Balboa movie where he doesn’t always get it right or look the best winning, but his stubbornness gets the job done.

Chief fans are feeling splendid.

“Anytime you get off to a start like that and you win games, you’re going to have energy,” said Eric Berry. “At the same time, we’re looking at every game as an opportunity and we’re trying to take advantage of each one. Every time we come in here, we’re trying to give our best, whether it’s in meetings, walkthroughs, anything, we’re trying to be the best we can be, so we’re very excited and very hungry.”

There’s nothing like seeing the Chiefs play HUNGRY football, which is so much better than the stupid football fans endured before Reid.

One step forward multiple steps back was the Chiefs.

The only ones that can close the gap between teams that everybody predicted to be way ahead of Kansas City are the players themselves.

When asked about adversity and how the Chiefs would handle it Andy Reid said they didn’t know until it happened, we saw how Kansas City responded against the Cowboys being down 13-7 starting the third quarter.

The old Chiefs would have lost.

As Kansas City develops, continues to grow, and learns to respond to different situations we’ll keep seeing what kind of team they are. They’re the question mark right now in the NFL.

The NFL knows (for the most part) what they have in the Denver Broncos with Peyton Manning, the San Francisco 49ers, and the Seattle Seahawks.

With 30 members new to their 53-man roster Kansas City is a developing mystery.

The Chiefs haven’t yet been identified and it’s awesome!

Is Kansas City’s 2-0 start a trend? Takes more than two games to evaluate a trend, but three wins?

A 3-0 start? Maybe the start of a winning habit.

“You want to win, not only for yourself, the organization, and the fans, but he (Andy Reid) has history there,” said Dexter McCluster. “He came to us and told us, it’s not about me, but we want to go out there and win and put that smile on his face. I know it will be special for him.”

So… fans don’t know what the Chiefs are all about but yet, so far it has been special, the players feel the change, and so do the fans. What’s on paper is actually showing up on the field and the Chiefs are 2-0.

Not all perfect, spotless, or exactly the way Reid wants it. But man, it’s been the perfect start for me.

It’s awesome!

Good day, Chiefs’ fans!