Fans say sign Alex Smith, but how long?

We don’t need another Matt Cassel, what some fans said about extending Alex Smith.

I get it, fans aren’t sure. Three years is safe, but other fans would like to see Smith give next year a full season like he played in the second half. If Smith repeats then pull the trigger on a long-term signing.

But it’s just not what Kansas City wants or the fans. Would a short-term deal be extension enough for Smith and his agent? Would Smith play 2014 on the remainder of his contract?

Smith is 29, will turn 30 May 7 before the regular season starts. Smith hasn’t said it, but I’d think he’d like to finish the career in Kansas City. Smith wanted to be in Kansas City.

“There was no doubt in my mind this is where I wanted to be. It wasn’t close,” said Smith at his first press conference. “Everything pointed here for me, and I’m excited about it.”

Andy Reid is known for finding quarterbacks he also gets them to play. Smith had his best season statistically despite the lack of talent around him. Jamaal Charles accounted for nearly 40 percent of the offense, but that’s one guy.

Dwayne Bowe (OK… he blocked!) didn’t come close to being that “top prize of free agency” proclaimed by several last February, but Smith produced. The second half and Smith’s playoff performance did speak to fans.

The Chiefs have the second highest paid defense at $62.6M, but are 20th in paid offense at $49.8M according to TheGuardian.com. Overall Kansas City has the 8th highest payroll at $116.3. Paying Smith will include big numbers, something like the top 10-15 QB’s make, which currently is $13-15M average salary. Smith might want more, like top 10 money. Chiefs will need to reshuffle dollars. John Dorsey did so with Tyson Jackson after he first arrived and I get the feel he’ll be asking others on defense to do the same in 2014.

Paying the man isn’t the question, not with Chiefs fans. How long and how much for Alex Smith is what the Chiefs need to figure out.

Me, I’m just happy the Chiefs have a quarterback, because I believe they do.