Chiefs 2013 season better than expected

Chief Concerns: Stephen Brown

I’m happy, Kansas City made the playoffs, but what did I expect most from the 2013 season?

Andy Reid_ John Dorsey

The results of both John Dorsey and Andy Reid season one have been great, hard to be upset with their first steps.

A plan, that’s what I absolutely had to have from John Dorsey and Andy Reid.

I wanted more wins, obviously, but +9 more victories? That definitely wasn’t guaranteed. The biggest turnaround in franchise history plus the playoffs? Hey, it’s been a terrific first season for Dorsey and Reid.

Instant success.

“Now that I’m here it’s everything that I thought it would be and more,” John Dorsey said to Chiefs’ Mitch Holthus about the regular season and the last 52 weeks. “The people that work here are phenomenal the team is phenomenal the community is phenomenal everything we ever expected. When you reflect back to when we first got here we created a plan. For the most part from a personnel perspective that has been achieved but by no means are we going to sit and rest on our laurels. All we’ve really done is just get our ticket we haven’t really done anything yet.”

A strategy, that’s what I wanted, Dorsey’s stepping out on the right foot, but I like Dorsey’s attitude… they’re not done, just getting started Dorsey says.

Second most, I wanted a coach the team and fans could relate to… again. One who understood how Kansas City fans think, the magic of Arrowhead Stadium and how vital that is to the Chiefs, to the players.

Andy Reid has been just that, he’s an honest coach, somebody that has 99 percent of fans back into believing. For owner Clark Hunt that was important to find, Clark hit a homerun hiring Reid.

I’ve sat in the press conference watching Reid, he’s a straight shooter and has a great personality. I get the sense he knows what he’s doing, haven’t doubted Reid this season.

The same couldn’t be said of Scott Pioli, Todd Haley or Romeo Crennel. Reid falls into line with Marty Schottenheimer and Dick Vermeil, but Dorsey could be better than Carl Peterson.

Playoffs, well… reaching that mark this season is gravy, maybe more than what Clark Hunt, Dorsey or Reid expected. That’s the fun part about the NFL, about a season like this, there’s always the unexpected.

What I’d like the players to get out of the postseason is being there, learning how to play well in the playoffs. You never know, winning in the playoffs this soon after just two wins last year is like gold going into next season. Getting to the postseason is good for management, it gives Dorsey and Reid a quicker view of their team and how they handle the spotlight.

Playoff competition will exploit the holes.

It’s hard to complain about 2013 when you go back and think on what fans really hoped for before the season even started.

Every team has something to work or tweak, but Kansas City has come very far in a short amount of time. More than I expected, but that’s fine by me, which was unexpected.

Good day, Chiefs fans!