To sit or start the big Andy Reid decision

To sit… to start, that’s the Andy Reid question. Answer?

“I’ll evaluate the different situations,” said Reid Monday. “I have sat people before… quite a few times, actually, and benefited from that. But I’ll look at everything and make sure I have that part evaluated.”

Sitting, most Chiefs fans think, isn’t the right tactic. The loss against the Indianapolis Colts was that nasty. The starters looked that lost.

“The starters should sit going into the most important part of the season after having played their worst game of the year? Great idea!” …said a Chief fan joking.

Knocked down, bad coverage and stupid tackling, that was the Kansas City Chiefs against the Colts.

A comment by Dunta Robinson keeps rattling in my head, words that prove the starters need a win like the San Diego Chargers.

“We got to look in the mirror and we got to decide what sort of team we want to be moving forward,” said a disgruntled Robinson immediately after the Colts. “Yeah… OK… you dominate Oakland yeah you know you dominate the Redskins, but what are we going to do when we face other power houses? We’re a much better team than we showed today and we got to play like it.”

Simple, at least to me. You can’t play like Robinson talks about sitting the bench.

You can’t raise the confidence watching the backups face a hungry Chargers’ team. That’s REAL competition the starters need, that genuine win against a better opponent.

The Chiefs haven’t nabbed that sort of victory, not yet.

“If we’re going to go all the way — which we plan to — we cant ever play like this, said Derrick Johnson. “I mean, this … (there’s) no excuse for it. We’ve got to get it locked down.

I agree with Johnson, they need that convincing win, these players feel it… they know what they haven’t done. The Chiefs need to hit the playoffs having beaten a team like the Chargers not hoping they can in the postseason.

The Chiefs could easily be 9-7, they could have lost against the Dallas Cowboys, Houston Texans and Buffalo Bills. That’s how close the Chiefs have played it this season. There’s a fine line between winning and losing, at least so far with the Chiefs.

A conclusive win, the starters need it in the worse way, they got one last game to get there. Then it’s a one-and-done type deal.

Don’t rest them, get that confidence meter up Reid. If I had a choice… Id start them.

Good day, Chiefs fans!