US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s Historical First State Visit in East Asia

Recognizing the primordial importance of the United States of America’s alliances with Japan, North Korea and China, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, the Trump’s administration top diplomat has been in a six-day, three-nation Asian tour since March 15, 2017. See below the developments of his series of Asian business trips:

Meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, leader of the world’s fourth-largest economy, in Tokyo on March 16, 2017

While in Tokyo, Japan. Secretary of State Tillerson said that “Efforts over the past 20 years to bring North Korea to the point of denuclearization have failed; we have had 20 years of failed approaches.”

While with his diplomatic counterpart Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida, and ahead of a meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Secretary of State Tillerson stated that given this ever-escalating threat of the North Korea nuclearization, the US diplomat is convinced that there is a need for a different approach. The proposal would serve as an alternative strategy to the two last decades of failed policy of confronting North Korea nuclearization. Details of a new approach were not offered. Possible preemptive military strike against North Korean nuclear facilities was not discussed.

Guided by the need to reaffirm with the US States’ security commitment to Japan against potential attacks from North Korea, State Secretary Trillerson has reiterated his concern over challenges to Japan sovereignty in the East China Sea and its trade relationship with the United States.

The most controversial of his visit was to North Korea.

The visiting US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to North Korea’s DMZ on the border between North and South Korea.

His official trip to North Korea was part of a three-country tour of the region. He pursued such official task amid heightened tensions on the Korean peninsula following recent North Korea missile launches. Further, there are also fears that it is preparing for another nuclear test.

Excerpts from this site are these important details: Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson ruled out on Friday opening any negotiation with North Korea to freeze its nuclear and missile programs and said for the first time that the Trump administration might be forced to take pre-emptive action “if they elevate the threat of their weapons program” to an unacceptable level.

Tillerson on North Korea: Military action is ‘an option.’

According to the top diplomat, the United States is looking forward for the enlistment of more support from China which is North Korea’s main economic ally. This will be done through reining in the launching of ballistic missiles and nuclear tests in Pyongyang. However, he added that President Trump had been belligerent rhetoric toward China. This has complicated the task of the nation which includes the threat of trade sanctions.

Visiting Tillerson at China

“We do believe they [the Chinese] have a very important role to play,” Secretary Tillerson said Thursday. “China is a major source of economic trade and activity with North Korea. China has long stated their policy that they too want a denuclearized North Korea.”

China, following his trips to Japan and North Korea, is the final leg of his first official trip to Asia, most challenging and delicate stop.

Secretary Tillerson’s two-day visit will be an avenue for the receiving party in China as well as himself to consider discussing thoroughly with a host of issues which pose significant threats or derail the world’s most important bilateral relationship.

The agenda of Secretary Tillerson will include seeking China’s help in containing North Korea, as well as pushing China on its disputed claims over the South China Sea. Given the planned strategies of the US, China will seek any clarification about US threats of a possible trade war.

The forthcoming meeting of Chinese President Xi Jinping and US President Donald Trump, which is tentatively scheduled next month in the US, will increasingly need closer and more constant coordination. In view thereof, he will be taking the opportunity of preparing the meeting of two (2) leaders.


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